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We are at a time where there is an urgent need to decarbonise the industrial value chains. At Vanir we aim to be a part of the solution through creating value by solving societal needs and challenges.

Who we are

Why carbon removal?

Our group consists of a group of top performers with and excellent track-record


A multidisciplinary and experienced team

Our team members have varied backgrounds from equity and credit research, corporate finance, business media, corporate communication, investor relations, and corporate management.


Tore Ivar Slettemoen


Erik Strand Tellefsen



Senior Adviser


Senior Adviser

Investor Relations

Removr is majority owned by Vanir Group – a green investment company with an aim to decarbonize industrial value chains. Vanir Group has significant track-record on generating value within the wind- and battery storage industry and are currently developing a new portfolio of companies being part of the solution to combat the climate crisis.



Freyr develops environmentally friendly battery cells and is listed on NYSE. The company is building five battery factories in Norway, with expansion plans to build more factories in Vaasa, Finland. Freyr aims to produce the world’s greenest batteries using hydro- and wind power. 


Njordr develops, operate and own wind and solar power production to deliver clean and renewable power. Njordr develops both onshore and offshore wind power in the Nordics. The team behind Njordr has a track record as the premiere, private wind developer in Norway over the last 20 years.


Removr aims to become the most efficient remover of CO2 in the race towards zero emissions. We develop, build, own and operate direct air capture plants at industrial scale. Removr has an ambition of being a key player in the joint efforts to reach the 1.5 degree target and aim to remove 2-4 Mtons of CO2/year by 2030.  

Our Story


The story behind OUR name

Our roots originate in Northern Europe.  Vanir, in Norse mythology, was a group of  gods responsible for love and prosperity and subordinate to the warlike Aesir. The Vanir fought for equality against the Aesir. After a war between the two groups equality was granted and the Vanir then sent their gods Njörd and Freyr to live with the Aesir. 

Today, two of Vanir’s most successful companies are called Freyr and Njordr. Both lead the way in green initiatives.


Our ecosystem

At Vanir utilizing synergies is a part of everything we do. We are creating an ecosystem where the guiding principle is to develop value in partnership with others while solving the climate crisis. We aim to master how value is created by always taking into account how this affects the natural environment and society.

We search for partners with a shared vision of helping solve the climate crisis. We realise this is only achievable if the organisations bring complementary skills and resources to the partnership. We will partner with both public and private organisations to make this happen.

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